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Red Alert: Benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project – Hosted by AS Army SDC

red alert

Red Alert: Benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project – Hosted by AS Army SDC

AirSplat and AirSplat Army will be a sponsor for Red Alert. Red Alert will be hosted by AirSplat Army – San Diego County and Black Lions Airsoft Team! This is a big milsim airsoft event that will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. Visit the Red Alert Event Page for more details and click the button at the bottom to pre-register for this event!

Date: JUNE 1, 2014  from 10am – 7pm
Location: Mr. Paintball USA, 25320 Lake Wohlford Rd, Escondido, CA 92025

Coffee and breakfast snacks will be available at check in booth!
Full lunch, and drinks provided

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Main Milsim Scenario: RED ALERT, A helicopter carrying a nuclear device has gone down in rebel held territory! You must retrieve the device and rescue the survivors before they fall into rebel hands.

Rescue squad will find too many rebels between them and the crash site and have to radio HQ for assistance. (two other squads will be dispatched)

Rescue squad will have to track down rebels and their base and radio back the location to the other support squads. (If by miracle) the rescue squad is able save the guys from crash site and get them to extraction site then game over!

If not then game continues to rebel base for rescue.

Part one:
5 survivors of a downed helicopter crash site.
The rebels have location of crash and will try to capture them and take to their base camp.

Part two:
A rescue squad (10 man team) is given coordinates to crash site and try to rescue survivors and retrieve the device.

Part three:
Game is over when survivors and device are taken to extraction point by allied forces or the rebels have device at their base camp for more than 30 min or manage to sneak it into Allied forces HQ.

Allied Forces and Rebel forces will be given separate briefings, so each force does not know all details.

Rebels shot during capture faze are to go directly to base camp and stay put. Only respond for them is during base camp invasion. Medical truck will be where they have to be taken by someone else if leg or arm shot. If body or head shot they are dead period. They stay where fall dead or go out of game to HQ!

Rescue teams will have medics only (leg or arm shots medics can fix) head or body shot (dead)


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