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Operation New Hope 2 – Hosted by AS Army Hollister

sponsored event new hope 2

Operation New Hope 2 – Hosted by AirSplat Army – Hollister

AirSplat will be sponsoring Operation New Hope 2, hosted AirSplat Army – Hollister and ARC Airsoft! If you are in California or on the West Coast, be sure to check this game out! Get to play some epic battles with AirSplat Army – Hollister and get a chance to win OVER $300 worth of raffles and giveaways donated by AirSplat! Visit the Facebook Event Page or the Arc Airsoft Website for more information.

Date: June 14 @8am – June 15 @3pm
Location: 2120 San Benito Street, Hollister, CA

op new hope 2

“In July of 2013 a US Task Force was dispatched to the Arcganistan river valley region in an effort to restore order to the area. After a successful mission the US withdrew their forces leaving a puppet government in charge. That government has now gone rouge and it is time to once again free the oppressed people in the area…..

Join ARC Airsoft for our annual two-day event featuring:

A “Sandbox” style campaign where the players are in control of their victories
Multiple missions called down throughout the day
Continuous play with commanders for each team
A story based game with role-players
An industry backed raffle
Night Games
Much, Much More!

Cost: $70 if pre-registered by June 1
$80 if registered after June 1

Where: ARC Airsoft 2120 San Benito Street Hollister, CA
Visit: for registration and more details.


BLUEFOR:US Operational (ACU, ABU, AOR1 & 2, MARPAT and Multicam

REDFOR: Anything not mentioned above

Mag Limits (Primary):
7 Lo Caps (includes GBB)
4 Mid Caps
1 High Cap

One Drum Mag per 5 Man fire team and must be attached to a SAW (or LMG)”


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  • Dave

    There’s FREE Camping for this one too guys.

  • Dave

    Lots of people say they’re coming, but haven’t registered yet. This is the last week for $70 registration and next week through game day it goes up to $80. We ARE selling spaces which means that the event is filling. We have full sponsorship from Airsplat as well as other industry members We have an amazing raffle, airsoft celebs will be in attendance, the “destructible” village will be back….this is an event you want want to miss!