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Mighty Eagle IV – Hosted by Combined Arms Airsoft & AS Army Mystic, CT


Mighty Eagle IV – Hosted by Combined Arms Airsoft & AS Army Mystic, CT

AirSplat will be fully sponsoring Mighty Eagle IV, hosted by our sponsored team Combined Arms Airsoft and AirSplat Army – Mystic, CT! There will be $1,000+ in raffle prizes and giveaways and some definite good times. Join them on Sunday, June 8 for the event and visit their Facebook Event Page for more details or click the button below to purchase tickets!


Mighty Eagle IV (The Valley of Death)

The fourth installment of this epic scenario……

The charred bodies of civilians, freedom fighters and UN Observers litter the capitol city of Mohegakstan. The Capitol itself has been burning out of control for several days. The Rebel Chengdu has been without mercy on the citizenry after a suicide bomber brought down their leader Shaojiang Wu Xian Albi. In his dying utterance Shaojiang Albi was quoted as saying “kill them all”. An order Dàxiào An Cheng Sasuer implemented with a fervor not seen since Sherman marched on the South. Dàxiào Sasuer and his troops went forth and leveled the countryside committing wholesale slaughter of every person in the capitol city.
The Mohegakstani delegate to the UN has been petitioning for UN Intervention for some time. With support from the US and her Allies they have brought evidence before the Security Council. Each attempt to bring a resolution before the Security Council has failed due to a Chinese veto, with support from the Russians and the French. The delegate has gone so far as to say “The US has brought false evidence to this body before. What would make me think this is anything more than more of the same.” The Chinese are stalling because they do not wish for the world to find out that a rouge element of their special operations forces has seized an oil rich neighbor state. They are trying to figure out what to do themselves whether to allow a resolution to pass, go in themselves or keep stalling and let someone else deal with their problem. Only Time will tell.
Since the Joint ColFor defeat some months ago an unnamed/unknown JSOC commander has been secretly moving men, equipment and funds into place. These units under the guise of helping fleeing refugees across the border into Afghanistan are just waiting for the opportunity to go back in. Slowly and with help from Britain, Australia and Germany he has been piecing together a highly trained and motivated unit to infiltrate the countryside and gather irrefutable evidence of Chinese treachery. Can the ColFor provide intel that the French and Russians can in no way refute? Can the ColFor do this and not leave any evidence of their presence behind? Can the renegade Chengdu Special Operations group prevent information leaking out about their treachery? The outcome depends on you. Come to Fields of Fire Mystic, 8 June 2014.”


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