AirSplat Army

Join the AS Army

Join the AirSplat Community and Experience the Airsoft Revolution!

1. *Fill out the form at the bottom to receive email updates*
2. Create a Facebook group [NOT a fan page] for your city. Please stick to this naming convention:
AirSplat Army – “Insert Your City” (EX: AirSplat Army – Los Angeles)
3. Add AirSplat Boss on Facebook to your group and make him a group administrator (
4. Set the cover picture to the banner at the top.
5. Begin recruiting members via Facebook or existing contacts.
6. Once you’ve created your group, you will be the person responsible for that group and become the “Captain”. The rest of the members will be “Specialists”.

Once your AS Army group has been created, make sure you meet all requirements required to qualify for a complimentary Welcome Package!

How to make AirSplat Boss an admin of your group:

Want to be part of the AirSplat Army but don’t have enough people to start a group? Join one of our existing AirSplat Armies!